Who is the best carpet cleaning company in St. George, Utah

Who Is The Best Carpet Cleaning Company in St. George, Utah?

The Best Carpet Cleaning Company St. George, UT Near Me?

Have you ever wondered who the best carpet cleaning company in St. George is? Many carpet cleaners provide excellent service, both locally owned and franchisees. A uncertified businesses will have inexperience technicians. An employee or owner operators can be properly or poorly trained. In fact, a carpet technician can receive a highly skilled certification from the government recognized I.I.C.R.C. Black  Diamond Carpet Cleaning is 5 star rated, has extensive knowledge, state of the art equipment, and amazing customer service. This makes them the best carpet cleaners in St. George, Utah.

Best carpet cleaning 5 star reviews in St. George, Utah.

5 Star Rated Reviews

An important factor in determining the best carpet cleaner has to do with looking into customer reviews. According to Yelp, 97% of their users hire local services from the site, many customers leaving verified reviews. On both Yelp and google, for Saint George carpet cleaners, Black Diamond Carpet Cleaning has the highest review count. Along with high review counts, Black Diamond also has a 5 star rating with over 100 reviews. Black Diamond Carpet Cleaning is the best carpet cleaning company in St. George, Utah.

Certified Carpet Cleaners 

It is important to hiring a carpet cleaning service with years of experience. Taking courses from the I.I.C.R.C. in carpet cleaning can begin the process. You can then build experience from training on the job. Tyler has been a carpet cleaning technician for 10 years. Recieving a master’s certification in water damage restoration and carpet cleaning. Since Tyler is the owner, Black Diamond carpet cleaning – Saint George is certified in carpet, tile, and water damage services.Best Carpet Cleaning Equipment 

Best carpet cleaning company in St. George, Utah

Hot Water Extraction 

Truck mounted hot water extraction is the best way to clean carpeting. Truck mounts pump hot water at high pressure into the fibers. At the same time, a gas powered vacuum removes soiled water into the waste tank . This system is the only way to remove deeply embedded soil and stains in the carpet. For example, dry carpet cleaning only scrubs the top of the carpet. Hot pressurized water rinses fibers down to the bottom as the vacuum removes all the dirty water. Scrubbing the top of the carpet leaves residue and soil by pushing it down, never removing the deep down stains. As a result, these stains will wick back to the top of the floor. Therefore, Black Diamond Carpet Cleaning only uses hot water extraction.

Best carpet cleaners in St. George, UT

Carpet Cleaning Wand

Rotary wands are superior to traditional carpet cleaning wands. To illustrate, rotary wands create 1,000 cleaning passes per minute. Equally important, rotary wands scrub and extract hot water all at once. Traditional wands clean one pass at a time. Consequently, the performance of manual wands extracts less water and removes less dirt. With this in mind, Black Diamond Carpet Cleaning takes advantage of rotary wands. 

Who is the Best carpet cleaning company in St. George, Utah

Pet Stain And Odor Removal Pretreatment Solution 

Pet stains and odor can be very hard to remove from fabric. It takes the right tools, solutions, and knowledge to remove them. To illustrate, saturating a stain with an  oxidizing solution is the first step. Secondly, the subfloor extraction tool rinses and sucks out the stain. Due to subfloor extraction, the floor, padding, and carpet backing will be completley flushed out. For this process, technicians must have knowledge and experience. Black Diamond Carpet Cleaning professional training will handle these stains. 

Best Customer Service in St. George, Utah 

Black Diamond prides themselves on excellent customer service. With a 100% satisfaction guarentee policy, any problem  or concern will always be taken care of. For instance, if a stain comes back up days after, Black Diamond will re-clean the area. If you have any questions or concerns, the business owner will personally address them. Above all, carpet cleaning quotes are free over the phone. Once you recieved a quote, the pricing will not be change to a more expensive price. You can put your trust in Black Diamond Carpet Cleaning – St. George for the best carpet cleaning service near me.

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