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Carpet Cleaning Saint George – Water Damage Restoration Utah

Black Diamond Carpet Cleaning – St. George

 We are license as a water damage restoration business in St. George, Utah. Our 2 million dollar liability insurance policy will allow you to know you are covered.


Latest Technology Equipment


We use state of the art equipment from the best brands in the industry. We use Prochem truckmount extractors for houses and commercial buildings. For high rise units we use high powered modular machines and rotary wands from Mytee.


Satisfaction Guarantee 



Black  Diamond Carpet Cleaning – St. George has a satisfaction guarantee policy. You do not pay until we finish the work. If their are any issues due to an error on our end, we will come out and fix it.




Our truckmount steam cleaning extractors can be used for homes with close parking and a water hose connection near by. Truckmount carpet cleaning has a gas engine and not electricity from you home. The gas powered unit is completely contained inside the van or trailer. Only the vacuum and solution hose come inside the home and attach to the cleaning tool. See as, These machines have much stronger suction for faster dry times, much higher cleaning temperature’s that reach 250*, and create adjustable high pressure with a larger flow of water. Strong suction is great for removing soil and fast drying times.




When your home plumbing springs a leak and flood your home and carpet we can dry your property out and mitigate any futher damage. If so, Water can damage your house from a natural storm flood, broken plumbing, leaking air conditioner, and even appliances malfunctioning. We have the knowledge, tools, and testing equipment to get your home to pre damage moisture levels. The longer you wait to remove the water, the more damage can occur. Mold takes only 24 hours to start breading. Such as, Black mold and other fungus thrive in warm dark humid environment. When water abnormally intrudes into your home it creates the perfect environment for mold to thrive. Water damage and mold issues need to be handled and extracted by a trained professional to insure everyone’s saftey and to properly solve the problem.





Tile and grout can get very soiled and dirty in Utah. Grout is very porous and will attacked dirt, oil, and odors over time. Foot traffic and animals can make you tile and grout floors look dark and dirty. Hiring a professional floor cleaning specialist is the only way to have your floors looking like they were just installed. For instance, your grout is the dirtiest part of your floor and it holds odor from urine and other organic matter, especially in your bathrooms.

If you have pets their dirty feet track dirt in the grout, and even worse if they have an accident the grout will hold the odor until it is professionally cleaned. The high pressure steam will lift the dirt and odor out of the grout and tile. For example, after being lifted the high powered suction will remove the hot water that is holding the build up that was embedded. This is something you can not do with a mop or house hold cleaning tools or supplies. You need specialized equipment with heat, pressure, and extraction to look new again.





Black  Diamond Carpet Cleaning – St. George is a locally owned and operated business that has been providing window washing services for residential and commercial clients in the Saint George Carpet Cleaning area for over 10 years. As an example, The business uses green products and services include high-rise window cleaning, residential window cleaning, pressure washing, water stain removal, metal restoration, and construction clean-up. Clients of Black Diamond Carpet Cleaning service include schools, homes, construction sites, and retail facilities.

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