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Contact us for expert carpet cleaning service by Black Diamond. Our cleaners handle vacuuming, spot and odor treatment, scrubbing, deep-clean rinse extraction, and carpet protection treatment. They also clean and maintain upholstery, furniture, tile and air ducts. The company operates 24 hours a day.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Service.

There comes a time when you need the best professional carpet cleaning business in Saint George, Utah. We are here with excellent customer service to answer your call with a 100% satisfaction policy. The experienced highly skilled technician can address and help you out with the tasks ranging from carpet cleaning and tile & grout cleaning to even Covid-19 fog sanitizing, air duct cleaning and drying water damage restoration clean up. Let Black Diamond Carpet Cleaning perform the back breaking labor that comes with cleaning chores. Then, you can enjoy valuable time and peace of mind that your are receiving the best carpet cleaning services in the area near St. George, Utah.

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Why Should You Contact Us For Carpet Cleaning

When Contacting Black Diamond, our number one goal is to provide the best carpet cleaning experience possible for residential and commercial clients in South Utah. Firstly, we will give you a call or text the night before to confirm your appointment. Secondly, as the technician arrives you will be greated with a smile. They will then address any areas of concern as they do a walk through with you. You will be billed only after the service and you are 100% satisfied. Thirdly, a technician will confirm with you the quote you received is the exact price you pay with no surprises.

The next day we will call or text to confirm our five step carpet cleaning process was beyond your expectations. To emphasize, we will address any issues with the carpets once it has dried. Lastly, our state of the art truckmount, rotary wand, and pretreatment solutions go above and beyond your expectations. In summary, you can be guaranteed 100% satisfaction is achieved.

Contact Us For Tile and Grout Cleaning 

Tile and Grout Cleaning can be one of the most labor intensive jobs when cleaning your home or office. It is also one of the most gratifying feelings you can have when you are getting your home cleaned. You can see the results instantly during and after the job is finished. Even before having the tile cleaned you may not think it looks dirty, but once the grout lines are scrubbed and steam extracted you will not believe your eyes. Mopping your floor only pushes soil and odor into the grout lines. The state of the art equipment we use releases 240 degrees of steam at 1200 P.S.I. As it rinses the tile and grout lines with high pressure steam, it also extracts all the soil and water into the waste tank.

This leaves your tile and grout floors completely sanitized, making it look like it was newly installed. We can break down any red dirt or soil that Saint George, Utah can bring into your home with the high pressure spinner extraction tool we use.

Contacting Our Professional Mold Remediation Experts

The perfect trifecta can cause mold to breed and spread rapidly. The three issues that can cause black mold in your St. George, Utah home are abnormal water intrusion, high humidity, and dark cooler areas in the structure of your home or business. Abnormal water intrusion is a very common issue when rain or other water sources flood your basement. The water has no where to drain and can bread mold as fast as 24 hours after the water entered.

St. George, Utah is a pretty dry climate but if water is left sitting and it considered grey or black water. This is due to the microbes in the toxic waste water. This can be a serious health risk and should be taken care of as soon as possible. When mold becomes a problem it can be very stressful. We can take away your anxiety, walk you through the remediation steps, and even deal with your insurance if you are filing a claim. Do not tackle mold jobs on your own.

Should You Contact Us For Covid-19 Sanitizing?

Covid-19 has been on the rise with new infections at a high rate daily. It is more important then ever to sanitize your home or business in order to protect yourself and your loved ones from the virus. Due to the airborne transmission, fogging with a botanical sanitizing solution such as Benefect is the best way combat the human coronavirus. This solution is less toxic than vinegar and is listed on the E.P.A. website as a disinfectant for Covid-19.

The fogging method can reach areas that regular cleaning can not reach. High ceilings, tight areas, and every area of the structure is sanitized. This ultra low volume fog will cover all areas without water damaging anything due to it atomization process of the solution particles.

The second option is to sanitize all the high traffic touch points by disinfecting them with spray and wiping process. Both steps can be combined to get the ultimate sanitization. Keeping you and your loved ones safe and stopping the spread of the virus is our main goal.

Do You Need To Contact The Best Furniture Stain Removal Company?

Your Saint George sectional couch, love seats, chairs, will receive special deep steam cleaning. Contact our customer service representative will provide our proven upholstery cleaning techniques. Dog or cat urine is not a problem to remove from the couch, along with other odors and stains.

First off, we use a pretreatment solution to break down the soil, stains, and odor.  Next, after some dwell time and agitation, we start the steam cleaning process. To illustrate, the biggest difference in service providers is making sure not to over wet the fabric and soak the padding. If so, this over soaking will lead to spots bleeding back to the fabric surface. These stains will show up after the couch has dried.

The best way to prevent this is with our deep rinse and truckmount extraction. For instance, the strong vacuum and rinsing formula will dry the couch fast. In conclusion this will stop stains from wiching through the cushions to preventing browning.

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